26 Jun 2013

Three viral campaigns and a lesson

Three campaigns have caught my attention in recent days: the brilliant The Tipp-Experience, the mysterious Crescefrederico and modest, but no less effective, Trekking and Adventure. A brief summary:
- The Tipp-Experience. Viral video of Tipp-Ex via Youtube. Since August 5, the videos have scored more than four million copies, and the channel has over 12,500 subscribers and over 10,300 comments to September 8. These figures spectacular ... harvested for traditional product and disused appearance as Tipp-Ex. Try, try to write and rewrite words ...

- Crescefrederico. Campaign which started on Twitter through a # FF, in plan and therefore with teaser poster (Brazilian) still unknown. The protagonist, FredericoPMG must achieve growth through # FF tweets and launch it. Accompanied by a website and a couple of videos on Youtube that since the campaign began on June 22 have added almost 118,000 views.

- Trekking and Adventure. Simple but ingenious. Under the premise "What is the weirdest thing ..." this adventure travel agency and contest invites users to submit photos of the toilet , the food or the most amazing place where they slept through the respective Facebook pages . The agency fanpage has about 1,400 followers. The competition involved, so far, another 600. And the deadline is December 31.

What they all have in common? (Not discover gunpowder, I know).

- Interactivity in its pure state, especially in the first two cases. The ability to engage the public giving him "knob" on the campaign.
- Fun and entertainment as leitmotif. Smile The power generates greater force than any claim.
- Complicity with the user / customer and vehicle.
- The joint and coordinated use of various social networks to boost virality, but always with one of them as a pivot: Youtube in the first case, the second Twitter, Facebook in the third.
- The use of social networking as an advertising platform, but not pay it.
- His character 360.

And as a final lesson: today, more than ever, a good idea is better than a big budget.
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