23 Jun 2013

Considerations Web Hosting Rental

Often people ask to me, what a good web hosting if I want to create a personal blog or website office? Difficult for me to express or designate the particular hosting provider because everyone has different needs and considerations, can price, large capacity and can also be the location of the server. Many things must be considered before determining where we should rent / subscribe hosting. Please refer to the considerations in choosing a web hosting as follows.

Determining your needs
The first step is to determine your needs in finding web hosting. Visitors from countries where, how much room space, bandwidth and other how. No need to hire a web hosting with such a large capacity 5 GB if we just need to create a personal blog that fact need only about 100MB. Hence the need to set our base secure web hosting for the system stable. Take a look at the features of each package offered by the hosting provider.

Hosting Services

It is worth noting, and there are some that do not include hosting provider in the bidding package. Hosting services associated with any support is obtained if we take the hosting package. Eg administration panel to manage hosting cpanel, etc. Panel, email support, telephone, online contact via yahoo messenger and others. Make sure you get everything in order if the hosting problem, we can fix it yourself or enlist the help of the provider.

Choosing a web hosting server location

Generally several companies in Indonesia hosting provider offers 3 options their server location that is Indonesia, Singapore, and the United States. It is related to the origin of the community or communities that will visit your website or blog. If more than 50% of visitors will come from local country Indonesia or Asia then it is generally advisable to select the server that is located in Indonesia.

Choosing Great Storage space

Capacity data capacity offered hosting company is very diverse ranging smallest 1MB, 1GB and some have unlimited / infinite, it is related to how much of the data to the web and email to be used. Back to the original plan, web / blog that will be made for what purposes? if only for the personal blogs of which only Page 2 informative not know too many pictures video, email account just a few, then we do not need to hire a hosting premises above 1GB capacity, because it certainly would be more cost effective.

But if you want to create a web by providing the files that can be downloaded, which may amount 100an mega, it is worth your rent with a large capacity. But this is also related to the available bandwidth.

Choosing Bandwidth

Bandwidth is a large amount of data that can be uploaded and downloaded at website us, often called big data traffic or data transfer that occurs disebuah web / blog. Some hosting providers may limit the large bandwidth used per month, so that if the usage exceeds the limit then a blog / website to be blocked or shut down until a certain period. Obviously if less be careful select will hurt us because web / blog can not be accessed, even though most hosting services also offer additional bandwidth if less by paying an additional fee. So look for hosting such a great a month bandwidth above 1GB or even unlimited.

Number of add on Domain or Sub Domain

If you want to manage a lot of web / blog in one web hosting, you should make sure this feature is in accordance with what you need. A hosting usually can be used to support multiple domains (add on domain) and sub-domain, but it has its limits such support 3 add on domains, and unlimited sub domains. If listed 3 then add on domain hosting that we have can be used by 3 different domain names.

Number and Database Support

There are several web hosting limit the number of databases that may be made. It is a little technical problem that is related to what will be installed / installed in hosting us. Suppose we want web / blog have more than one sub-domain that can generally use multiple databases.

Account number and email features

It is also very important if we want to create a hosting company for corporate or certainly used not only for companies but also for information communication between employees, for example using email communications means that if the number of employees we need a lot of support for multiple accounts. Account number will also relate to how much capacity is available.

Data Backup Facility

Make sure the backup feature is also available date usually daily backups (daily backup), so that the entire contents of your provider can be restored / returned if there is damage. There are also several hosting services that provide monthly data backup in the form of CD that can be delivered to your home or work address but at an additional cost.

Features and Information

Learn also supports technical and other information that you may need such as the ability and performance of hosting, testimonials / forum2 user experience by reading the Internet, the speed of loading web hosting provider etc..

The things that I have made above could provide additional knowledge and your consideration in choosing a place to subscribe to web hosting that suits your needs.

Do not just look at the prices of the packages offered but seen as a whole because if the wrong choice could certainly have an impact on the future reputation of website / blog in the Internet world.
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