26 Jun 2013

The new formats of digital marketing

Integration, flexibility, personalization and interaction are some of the defining characteristics of the new formats and digital marketing tools. Internet becomes the medium king measurement capability, ease to adapt the campaign in terms of its evolution, the potential for data management offering, its immediacy and low cost and investment required. It was one of the conclusions of the Day ICEX-Ficod digital marketing as a tool to support the internationalization of the digital content industry developed on 30 September in Madrid. Yes, all thanks to the new display formats, the reinvention of email marketing, membership and, of course, the mobile marketing.

Here are some trends:

Rise of Rich Media formats that increase ratios favoring persuasion and purchase intent. His final consolidation in the advertising environment is given by the increased bandwidth of Internet service providers, the introduction of more compact and reliable software (html5), the decline in the costs of server hosting and development of systems ad serving.

New display formats. Facing the traditional banner gaining ground the corner layer (the corner that seems to unfold in a web page), the full page (page up and down), the video overlay (video translucent occupies 20% of the screen) and integrated sponsorship. Formats intrusive for the user, but also more effective.

Combining video. In Spain, the CTR (leading indicator for the effectiveness of a campaign) is a meager 0.14% on average. Including video Rich Media formats doubles the level of user retention and effectiveness.

The mobile as a channel of interaction with the brand, buying and lead generation. Additionally, with new formats: dynamic banners, reveal, rotate and drop down screens. With combination of different types of campaign: SMS, MMS, bidi codes ...

Consolidation of affiliate marketing, which are the carriers who choose the campaign, depending on their users.

Email marketing as 100% segmentable tool, customizable and measurable. More effective efforts to capture loyalty. And with the need to adapt to the multitude of viewing and reading devices that the user has available (computer, mobile, ...): creatives therefore avoid flash or java script. Yes, email marketing, raw simplicity. Do not use terms like "click here", "free" case or "going to win", because it will inevitably end up in the spam bin.
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