26 Jun 2013

The digital signage claimed a place in the marketing strategies

In Spain there are 12,000 screens digital signage advertising networks, and other 22,000 in corporate channels. In fact, our country is one of the five major European markets in this area, along with Germany, France, Italy and the UK, and in anticipation of growth. Are some of the data to be handled at the opening of Total Media, Fair Digital Signage, Kiosk and Mobile Marketing, which began on October 6 in Madrid.

From "cautious optimism" could be described the atmosphere that prevailed in the sector: optimism, because the digital signage as a viable alternative seems to develop digital marketing; moderate, because there is still some way to go. The challenge: establish itself as a fully integrated element in the digital marketing strategies of the companies. Among the "success stories" analyzed in Total Media, the campaign of McDonald's in Piccadilly Circus in 2009 through a giant LED screen, before which the passersby began photographed to share your images on social networks.

Halfway between the "pros" ...

Among the advantages that digital signage wields to claim their place in the digital marketing are:

  • Segmentation.'s Contents published can be segmented to select messages based on each area or region, time or terminals.
  • Cost reduction. Saves on production and distribution of promotional material.
  • Effectiveness. At the point of sale (where you take 75% of purchasing decisions), the dynamic displays increase sales by 83%, while the static they do by 39%, according to the International Association of Marketing .
  • Instantaneity. Messages can be changed in seconds by the consumer who is in front or external conditions.
  • Retention capacity.'s 33% of people who pass by posters dynamic watch the screen for more than a second, while only 15% view the static display.
... And any other "against"

However, there are still some remaining challenges, including:
  • Content.'s No good either. For digital signage visibility and contribution really be effective, it is necessary to create content for this channel and get to know the whole game through messages to interact with the phone (by downloading content, offers, promotions or sending images), with the environment or social networks.
  • Measurement systems. Not yet been fully consolidated the audience measurement systems and results. Although among the terms mentioned in the opening of Total Media included "notoriety", "branding" and "influence on purchase decisions", the big question left unanswered in the air was: how investment is recovered?
  • The local laws. In many municipalities, the implementation of dynamic signage circuits abroad is subject to severe restrictions.
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