2 Jun 2013

Discover how to promote a blog with a photo book

Discover how to promote a blog with a photo book
When it comes to promoting a blog, we are offered primarily online solutions.

We most often hear about positioning on keywords, SEO, web directory, online social networking, etc.. And yet, all these tools are only indirect ways to promote his blog

And if you promote more directly your blog?

Remember why your blog is primarily intended for people.

And unless you live on a deserted island, the people there are plenty around. So why not promote your blog with them directly?

For this course there are discussions neighborhood but remember that if the words fly writings remain. This is where printing. In fact, the best would it not display your blog address on one of the products offered by vistaprint

Cele may be for example: business cards, flyers, T-shirts, [...] and of course the photo books. For Vistaprint has become a specialist in the photo album.

But why make photo books?

As long as your blog for a graphic (such as photography, painting, illustration, etc.) photo book will be an excellent way to promote your blog. In fact, you can show off your creations to your neighborhood and your friends in real life while promoting your blog with real people involved.

That the benef!

And why not go a bit further and offer a photo album of some of your work as a prize contests?

Of course you can also make photo books for private events that will promote family.

And yourself, you use photo books to promote your blog? Would you?
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