17 Jun 2013

How to Make a Blog

Create a blog

How to Make a Blog
A "blog" is a personal site that allows users to simply and easily publish online information in the form of a diary. The term "blog" is short for "weblog" (in the same way, "blog" is short for "weblog"). A blog is a web page, usually based on a dynamic tool for managing the layout of the content in which the author publishes news, links to web sites or short text creation. On the blog, brief, called a note or notes, which were published in chronological order, which said that the most recent posts appear at the top of the page, then follow the older messages.

What is special about a blog on the website is the ability for readers to respond to the information published, which gives a high reactivity and rich blog.

Create a blog "ready"
The creation of a blog does not require any special computer skills. Indeed, the principle is based on the use of blogs online tool to insert and format their articles. So, to create a blog, simple, at first, to find a blog hosting and open an account at the second time there, publishing content using the tools available.

Choose a Web Host

The list below identifies the main blog host. Choosing a web host depending on cost (some are free), and interface features offered look'n'feel:

Blogger (free) -> require registration in Google

Subscribe to the blog host
The second step is usually to open an account on the host blog by filling out the registration form.

Blog posts
Publishing a blog is simply done by using the form. Just one click to send notes, comments, images, and sometimes video.

However, to allow the blog to be read with the greatest number, it will usually be required to enable the "Content Syndication" or "RSS" option to automatically generate RSS feeds are for files that can be used by other bloggers to publish your entry on their blog!
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