1 Jun 2013

Create an online store

Create an online store
Consider to start selling on the Internet through an online store requires thought and careful study of your project.

Benefits of an online store
Open an online store, this is to overcome the physical boundaries, your customer becomes international and your shop is open 24/24h.

With an online store, no provision for establishment of goodwill, no need for market research on the location of the site.

You also reduce your costs of information and communication, advertising online is often cheaper.
Constraints of an online store
On the internet, competition is fierce. The Internet buyers have the opportunity to easily compare prices and of course head to the most interesting offer.

To remain competitive, many solutions:

- Specialize in one area or offer a new product
- View prices very competitive sales by reducing margins or operating expenses

You will also gain the confidence of customers:

- Ensure smooth logistics in order processing, inventory management, package tracking, after-sales service.
- Engaging in terms of warranty, delivery time, payment
- Guarantee payment security

Creating an online store, step by step
Market research
Before embarking on the creation of an online store, it is essential to carry out a forecast balance sheet to assess the costs, margins short, the profitability of your future online store.
Search for suppliers

Select the topic that interests you (eg shoe, computer, furniture, food, medical, cosmetics, building ...), select a batch of products, then send an email directly to the seller using the form.

Creating sales site
To start your online business, you can make the choice of auction sites like eBay. EBay it is possible to open a business account.
For more information: ebay
Registration is free, fast and easy
You have little or no need to advertise
You do not have a website to create your eBay space is easy to manage, very intuitive interface

Second possibility: Creating your own online shop
Many e-commerce solutions "ready to run" no technical knowledge required

Order Processing
To retain customers, processing their orders must be blameless, the payment to delivery and the possible return / exchange item.
Inventory Management

    Wait for the customer's order before placing the order with the supplier, some wholesalers agree to deliver directly to your customers without going through your stock.
    Check your inventory provider and make sure it will deliver on time.
    Establish an inventory home and replenish regularly as order trends. The initial investment is important, but you can guarantee your customers a short and fixed time delivery.

View legal information
Here is the information that must appear on your site:
- Name of the editorial manager
- Name and address of the host
- Name of the webmaster
- Note on the copyright / intellectual property (image and text)
- Note on the management of personal data (according to the Data Protection Act)

Put your content in accordance with the law, observed:
- The law on freedom of the press, which prohibits any defamatory, racist or revisionist
- Article, which prohibits the posting of pornographic or violent content infringing human dignity
- Code of Intellectual Property, which prohibits the reproduction of the content without permission of the author
Respect to your e-customers

- You have an obligation to announce a deadline of delivery to your customers
- The customer must have a non-premium phone number to reach you
- You must inform the customer of the existence of the right of withdrawal within seven days from the date of delivery
- Your online store must include an email address or a contact form
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