27 Jun 2013

Global Facebook Pages: what brands are doing Spanish?

Since in 2012 Facebook announced the launch of its global pages , there are many multinationals have joined this option to globally manage their local communities of fans. This is, yes, of a formula in principle reserved advertisers whose online application is managed through the Facebook sales team .

What advantages provided global Facebook pages? First, the possibility of bringing together in a single fanpage, with the same web address, to all the fans that the brand has in different countries, rather than disperse in pages per market. But without losing the ability to adapt and local segmentation of the message: the country brand can customize the cover image, the app tabs and messages depending on the destinations in which it operates, thereby improving engagement with followers in each geographical area.

Although the global page has a unique URL, each Facebook user is automatically redirected to the local version for your country. And if you want you can "Change Region" and consult the other international versions available.'s Global page administrator can, in turn, display the statistics of all global supporters, at a glance.

A simple and effective way to manage a global fan community with strong international companies and multinational implementation. Among the first companies that pushed for this option included Coca-Cola , Dove , Kit Kat ...

Few, however, the Spanish companies that have opted for this alternative. A lack of an international? Low capacity? For true global management of your communication? Or lower advertising budget on Facebook?

Here are three Spanish firms that have established themselves as global Facebook page:

1. NH Hoteles . Your global page has just over 76,500 fans and has specific versions for Spain, Germany, Argentina, Holland, Italy, Mexico and Portugal. Although the line graph of the cover image for each version is the same, varies the language and the number of tabs available for each country. Their posts, with a clear focus on tourism, are adapted according to the main attractions in each market (not forgetting the touch aspirational and recommendations of international destinations), and also to use the appropriate language (obviously), also use ad hoc localism.
2. Softonic . With over 401,000 fans, the global page of this Spanish company software distribution (with offices in USA, Shanghai and Japan) has versions for 45 countries, from Algeria to Martinique, through Poland and Venezuela. Maintains, yes, a pattern very homogeneous media with the same type of cover image in different languages ​​and the same number of tabs per country. Also the post are, in a high percentage of similar content in different languages, although certain markets does perform specific communications products and launches.
3. Privalia . Global page has more than 2.6 million fans and 22 versions per country, all of Latin America, except for Spain, Andorra, Vatican City and Italy. However, several local versions, such as Bolivia and El Salvador, redirected to the version for Mexico. Privalia does change the cover picture by market type, and the content of his post, according to local promotion campaigns launched .

These three cases of Spanish brands with global page on Facebook have been identified with the assistance of the students of Master Social Media and Community Manager at UNED , especially Fernando Vila and Ruth Fernandez.

And you, do you know any other Spanish brand with global page on Facebook? What do you think should be the poor implementation Global page between Spanish companies?
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